The Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park is a unique environment for the Caribbean. The area experiences considerable rainfall and low temperatures, especially at night. Some areas of the park are only accessible on foot. Cellular service in remote areas is unstable. These conditions can make search and rescue a challenge. Emergencies are rare in the national park. Here are some tips to help you enjoy the mountains safely:



  • Pay your fees. User fees maintain the trails and facilities
  • Register at our Ranger Station.
  • Stay on Marked Trails.
  • Bring Warm Clothing – While your body temperature will keep you warm while hiking, you will experience the chill of the mountains once you stop moving. The average temperature in the highlands is 17 C. Temperatures at the Peak have been known to drop to the freezing point.
  • Bring Rain Gear – The Blue and John Crow Mountains is a high rainfall area.
  • Bring Flashlights and Extra Batteries.
  • Bring Water.
  • Bring Snacks.
  • Wear Comfortable, sturdy walking shoes/hiking boots.
  • Bring Sleeping bags or blankets if you are spending the night at Portland Gap. Linens are already provided at Holywell Cabins.
  • Make Use of the Restrooms. There are no sanitary conveniences on the trails.


  • Disturb or remove plants and animals
  • Litter. Be conscious of waste when packing for the hike.
  • Hike with animals. Our furry friends can introduce invasive species, as well as disturb plants and animals.
  • Dig holes in the National Park.
  • Smoke inside the cabins.
  • Take Short cuts. Stay on the trail. Natural waterways descending the mountain can appear as short cuts but they are not trails. Taking short-cuts increases erosion on the trail leading to landslides.
  • Sleep overnight at the Summit.